Monkey See, Monkey Do

My little monkey AM likes to imitate me. She’s a very curious toddler, so she hears “No, no!” a lot. It is now for favorite thing to say. She will “vroom” cars like her dad and big sister, will feed the dog by saying “aaaaah” before she reaches him an off limits treat, and tries to climb the stairs like the rest of us do.

Lately, she’s been having me nurse her dolls and stuffed animals when she’s finished. It’s cute, but usually by the time she’s finished, I’m ready for an empty lap. So, I tried something the other day. I showed her how I held a teddy bear, lifted my shirt, and then covered up again as it “nursed”.

It took a few minutes, but then this happened.


She grinned up at me and signed “milk”, then grabbed a second doll.


Breastfeeding is just a part of her life. It’s not something that is inappropriate or that needs to be covered. I plan to keep it that way.

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