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Lactation Training

The resources available to help with breastfeeding success on Hill Air Force Base and Davis, Weber, Morgan, Box Elder, and Cache counties have just grown by about a dozen women.

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Why Birth Language Matters

I believe very strongly that language effects our perception. One word can change the entire message. For instance, the example of inserting the word “only” into any part of the following sentence– “She said she loved him.” It changes the emphasis which changes our perception of what is happening. It fascinates me, this little language… Continue reading Why Birth Language Matters


Do I Really Need All This Stuff? Nursing Supplies

As you prepare for your little one’s arrival, you might want to consider registering for gifts and supplies for your new baby. It’s overwhelming! Target gives you a scanner and lets you wander the store, Walmart is done online, and then the stores that actually give you any of their specialized attention send you out… Continue reading Do I Really Need All This Stuff? Nursing Supplies