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Epidural and the Doula

You can scour the Internet, wondering whether or not a doula is worth it if you’re planning a medicated birth. You might see something along the lines of: “I’ll support you even if…” or maybe, “I won’t change my support just because…”. You won’t get that here.

I will support every birth, every mother, and every partner that has allowed me the honor of being a part of the birthing space. I won’t, however, pretend that my support doesn’t change as circumstances change. I attempt to adapt to every birth, and strive to always be sensitive to your individual needs.

No two births will look identical in terms of support, and epidural assisted births are not exceptions to that. Depending on when and why the epidural is utilized, any additional intervention used in conjuction with an epidural, and how you feel about having an epidural, my approach to supporting you will change.

In the following series, I will give examples of how my support may vary. Check the tag #epidoula for more posts. I’ll also link them here as I publish them.

Part 2 is here!

What was your epidural experience like? Did you want one but have to wait? Did you plan on not using one? Tell me in the comments section!

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