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Playing Catch Up

It has been a crazy week so far. My training through Stillbirthday officially began Monday, and I’ve been working on getting through my chapter, ordering books for the reviews I need to write, and reaching out to find out what sort of resources Davis and Weber counties have for parents of angel babies.


Just the welcome packet for Stillbirthday is emotional. There is so much to learn, so many different situations and types of loss that it’s mind boggling. I’ve been taking notes on fertility, and I am amazed at how much I still have to learn.

On top of that, I had a mommy fail on Tuesday. Although I know better, I put eighteen month old AM in the basket of the cart so I could use the bathroom. She played happily while I went, heeding my stern warning to “stay on your bum-bum” with a giggle each time she tried to stand. When NJ finished going potty, she couldn’t quite reach the sink. I turned around for a moment to help her.

I looked back at the cart right as AM tumbled out, somersaulting her way to the ground, and giving her head a good whack. Two seconds passed and she was in my arms, her face scrunched up in a silent scream. She finally inhaled and shrieked. I tried to calm her. I got ice on her head and tried to nurse her, but she wouldn’t even do that.

She screamed for half an hour and seemed to be favoring her arm. I filled out an incident report for the store, called my husband to ask what he thought I ought to do, called 3 different doctor offices to find one that did walk in appointments, and hurried in my way. I rushed home to drop NJ with my husband (it was nearly bedtime and she hadn’t even had dinner), I picked up my mom and headed to the urgent care.

AM had fallen asleep, and this worried me a little, but it worried the doctor a lot. Before she’d even seen the baby, based on my description of what happened, she recommended the emergency room and a CT scan of her brain. When AM awoke, however, she acted as if nothing was wrong at all.

I opted to try where we already were first. AM showed no signs of concussion, no lasting trauma besides a bruise, and was using her arm just fine. She was hesitantly given a clean bill of health, with the precaution to wake her at least every two hours for 24 hours.


Thursday we finally had a chance to breathe. We went down to ikea with a friend and I felt pretty amazing because I wore both of my kids (at once!)


Of course, it never seems to be that easy. NJ cut open the top of her toe and screamed for most of the 90 minute drive home.

Today, I’m finally catching up on the things I’ve been neglecting all week, including blogging! How has your week been?

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