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What Unbiased Support Means to Me

I support you. I support your decisions. I respect your autonomy and the fact that you may make decisions for your family that I wouldn’t make for mine.

I can be there while you break, and I can help you rebuild. I can help you find your peace and your center if your birth plan doesn’t happen because your baby was born prematurely, or if you need to give birth via cesarean when you were planning a vaginal birth. I can help you learn to prepare formula safely if you want to or need to formula feed.


I will stand by you whether or not things go according to plan. I will be there when you have to make tough decisions. I’ll remind you of your worth if a perinatal mood disorder makes you feel worthless.

I will continue to share balanced, unbiased, and factual information on my Facebook page. I will continue to support all parents, because we’re all just doing the best we know how to do.

I will not fight your decisions. I will fight in the background against those that would take your right to choice away. I will fight aggressive formula marketing because it undermines mothers. I will fight for access to VBACs, not because I’ve had a cesarean birth, but because I believe that every woman deserves the right to choose, despite a uterine scar, which birth is right for her and her baby. I will fight for your right to feed your baby wherever you choose to, breast or bottle.

I will personally boycott Dr’s offices where formula samples are freely advertised, and encourage you to make your own choices.


What’s best for me is not always what’s best for you.

But what’s best for both of us?
Unbiased and loving support.

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