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There’s No Such Thing as “TMI” to a Dr or Midwife

“Let’s get some blood work done, and while we’re waiting for results, I’ll get you an appointment for an ultrasound at the hospital.” This was not remotely what I had expected to hear from my midwife, and the worried look on her face was not reassuring.  I was there for my regular check-up, fresh into… Continue reading There’s No Such Thing as “TMI” to a Dr or Midwife

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Adam Ruins Having A Baby?

I discovered the show “Adam Ruins Everything” a few months ago because of the episode where Adam “ruins” sex.  I have many friends that are passionate about reducing routine infant circumcision and that episode addressed circumcision.  The YouTube clip was shared like crazy.  I found it both witty and informative and started a hunt for… Continue reading Adam Ruins Having A Baby?