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10 Things All My Clients Should Know

I’m not there to hold the baby… Please don’t feel obligated to offer just because I’m there. 

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Adam Ruins Having A Baby?

I discovered the show “Adam Ruins Everything” a few months ago because of the episode where Adam “ruins” sex.  I have many friends that are passionate about reducing routine infant circumcision and that episode addressed circumcision.  The YouTube clip was shared like crazy.  I found it both witty and informative and started a hunt for… Continue reading Adam Ruins Having A Baby?

breastfeeding · Doula observations · Postpartum

Breastfeeding is Natural, So Why Is It So Hard?

“Breast is best.” “Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world.” “Babies are born with an instinct to seek the breast, find it, and latch.” Statements like these can feel like a slap to the face in the wake of breastfeeding struggles. For new mothers trying to breastfeed and having a hard time, these… Continue reading Breastfeeding is Natural, So Why Is It So Hard?